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Cross-border irritants tackling high on Biden-Trudeau meeting


Ottawa, March 24: U.S President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau agreed to tackle a number of cross-border irritants, after a day of meetings on Parliament Hill, emphasising how important shared values are to shared prosperity and longstanding liberty.

In a joint statement the two leaders announced plans to further bolster Norad, expand the Safe Third Country Agreement to unofficial ports of entry to address irregular migration, launch a one-year energy transformation task force, and offer more support to Haiti.

Another major cross-border point of contention heading into Friday’s meetings were Biden’s “Buy-America” approach and Canada’s need to compete with his Inflation Reduction Act.

On this, the joint statement indicates that the United States and Canada will work together “toward an integrated North American approach that benefits U.S. and Canadian workers, suppliers, and products.”

The visit, Biden’s first to Canada since taking office, was largely an effort to reaffirm the strength of the Canada-U.S. relationship after rocky years under the previous Trump administration, and to speak in-person about ways the two world leaders can work together to tackle the big challenges both countries and the world are facing.



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